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Your partner for sustainability performance.

Consumers, investors and regulators increasingly demand goods and services that are produced and delivered in a sustainable manner. We provide a unique data-driven approach to address these expectations and create value.

Drawing on cutting-edge research and diverse sectoral expertise, we enable clients to effectively tackle the complex problems of environmental and social sustainability along their supply chains.


Our team combines domain expertise, advanced analytics and technological tools in a flexible manner to provide innovative, effective and accessible solutions to address human rights and environmental risks, and amplify positive ESG impact through supply chains.

Our Goal

We aim to help our clients  to better align their activities and business relations with the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our Clients

We support both private and public companies across sectors and regions, with a significant presence in the European market.

Our Partners

We partner with technology and impact companies from Asia, Europe and the Americas. As members of the Greentech Alliance we believe in the power of collaboration.

Our Values

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Aim for solutions that effectively integrate and positively impact the people, planet and profit goals for any organisation.


Client engagement grounded in ethical integrity, high standards, respect, and courtesy.

Collective Intelligence

Encourage diversity and foster collaboration that leads to co-creation and inclusive outcomes.


Results oriented attitude and integration of insights from high-level perspectives as well as from in-depth explorations.


We provide services to accelerate the transformation towards sustainability.

We tailor solutions to the specific needs of our client’s own sustainability journey and the degree of its supply chain complexity, in close alignment with international guidelines and regulations.

Relying on a set of innovative tools and analytical approaches, we support clients to address the most material sustainability issues along the entire supply chain.

Customized solutions and assessments

Innovative and transversal impact into the company

Evidence-based and multi-disciplinary approach

Core Services

Our core services ensure that you conduct human rights and environmental due diligence, ESG assessment, and sustainability reporting in line with international standards and regulations.

Complementary Services

We also offer complementary services to deepen our clients’ understanding of sustainability risks and impact, and bring about continuous improvements in supply chain sustainability.

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Due diligence for sustainable supply chains

Due Diligence

Our approach relies on advanced methodologies to identify human rights and environmental risks in supply chains, and emphasizes collaborative and capacity building measures to address them.

Our process comprises the following steps:

  • Due Diligence Policy and Management
  • Supply Chain Mapping
  • Risk Analysis and Impact Assessment
  • Prevention and Mitigation Measures
  • Tracking Effectiveness
  • Communicating and Reporting
Carbon footprinting for supply chain sustainability

ESG Assessment & Reporting

Assessing ESG impact and communicating it to various stakeholders is one of our core services. We do that in alignment with guidelines such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Greenhouse Gas and Living Wage Protocols, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Our approach entails:

  • Business and Sustainability Strategy Overview
  • Operations and Supply Chain Mapping
  • Materiality Assessment
  • ESG Data Collection & Analysis
  • Sustainability Reporting
ESG analytics for sustainable supply chains

Advanced Analytics

Building on advanced qualitative and quantitative methods, we use a combination of data sources to deepen understanding and enable further improvements in sustainability performance.

We support clients with the following services:

  • Country and Sector Analysis 
  • Value Chain Mapping
  • Advanced Risk Assessment
  • Benchmarking of Sustainability Performance
  • Econometric ESG Analysis
  • Regulations and Framework Analysis and Advisory
Continuous improvement for supply chain sustainability

Continuous Improvement

Careful assessments enable us to offer concrete recommendations to minimise risks, harness opportunities, and deeply integrate sustainability aspects into operations and supply chains.

Our services cover:

  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Design and Implementation of Roadmaps for Action
  • Sustainable Procurement Practices
  • Capacity Building
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • ESG Data Strategies
Core team

Leveraging research and industry expertise.

We believe that breakthroughs come through the coalescing of disparate disciplines, the merging of innovation with practical implementation, and multidimensional collaborations.

Our unique mix of expertise from research and industry allows us to provide a holistic way of solving critical sustainability problems.

Relying on a network of experts and scholars, our team is scalable and ready to support you at every stage of your sustainability journey.

Our tailored solutions are research and data-driven, merging several sets of expertise:
Georgeta Auktor expert at Supply Impact on supply chain sustainability

Georgeta Auktor


Georgeta Auktor, PhD

Sustainability analyst and policy consultant

Georgeta has over 10 years of experience developing sustainability strategies, and advising governments and private sector stakeholders on policy interventions for decarbonisation. She has worked as applied researcher and consultant for think-tanks, EU institutions, SMEs and international NGOs. Georgeta received her PhD degree in international development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her MA in applied sociology from University of Massachusetts Boston. She lived and worked in North America, Europe and the MENA.

Timea Pal expert at Supply Impact on supply chain sustainability

Timea Pal


Timea Pal, PhD

Supply chain sustainability analyst

Timea has close to ten years’ research experience in promoting social sustainability through global supply chains and international trade. Through the course of her work, she engaged with various stakeholders from both public and private sectors across the United States, Europe, Asia and North Africa to devise sustainable development strategies. She has a multi-disciplinary background, with a PhD in political economy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MA in applied sociology from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

We act globally

With our team located in Germany, Hungary and Portugal, we have advised clients globally.

Let’s engage on the sustainability journey together.


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